Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where I lived from 3 years to 18 years old

14th & York St.
12th & Elizabeth St.
11th & Lincoln St.
14th Ave @ Emerson St.
25th & Lafayette St.
S. Grant St. & Arizona Ave.
37th & Humboldt St.
10th & Pontiac St.
E. Iowa Ave. @ Ash St.
Albrook Dr. & Peoria St.
12th Ave. @ Tamarac St.
S. Dayton St. & Mississippi Ave.
E. Ellsworth Ave. & S. Ogden St.
14th & Humboldt St.

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  1. I wandered over from your sister's blog. What a terrible childhood you all had. My heart goes out to you. The hurts adults can inflict on children are unconscionable.

    I thought I had moved a lot - 23 times. But they all happened after I was an adult so I was spared the trauma of making new friends and changing schools.